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DDM History in headwords/Stichworten
Year  What's happened? / Milestones
1991  Founded by Lars, as successors of Base of Subsoil [R.I.P 1990] and 08/15 [R.I.P 1987]
1992  additional member Jörg Weiskirch
1993  First Concert 01.07.1993 in Bonn [Germany], Club 'Namenlos' (the very first concert in this cult location)
1994  First CD "Visions and Reality", DDM Live Video 25.04.1994 Germany Bonn Pantheon
1996  Second CD "Break..."
   Celebrated concert on the largest German free open air festival 'Rheinkultur'
   Celebrated concert with over 2000 fans as support for "The Mission" in Cologne
   additional member Dark Winter
   Split from member Jörg Weiskirch
1997  Third CD "Tears of passion"
   Celebrated concert with over 1000 fans as support for "Joachim Witt" in Zeche/Bochum at his famous comeback tournee
   Celebrated concert with over 500 fans as support for "Diary of Dreams" and "Garden of Delight" in Zeche/Bochum
   Celebrated concert with over 1000 fans on the "dark storm" festival in PC69/Herford
1998  Celebrated concert(s) with many fans as tournee-support for "Tanzwut"
2001  Fourth CD "Wonderland"
   Celebrated concert with many fans on the double concert in Bonn with "Draunning Maud Land" at their famous comeback concert
2003  MP3-Release CDR "DDM in MP3"
2004  Release of 2 new Remixes
2005  Working for the DDM audio history for the Celebration of 15 years of existence
    Start to work on the audio history of further bands of Lars for the celebration on the occasion of first audio release in 1985
   from 08/15 [1985] and Base of Subsoil [1987]
2006  Working on a "Tribute to the Roots" CD-Release
   Collaboration with Carlos Perón
   Remix of "Forbidden fruit" and "Promised land" from in strict confidence
   Release of old demo songs from the early period, buy them here
2012  Fifth release "Perlas encontradas"
2016  16.09.2016 Hidden gig @ Rider's Café, Lübeck
2020  8-Track analog Tapes from CD II digitized by Thomas Körffer
   more than 60 DAT Tapes from the 90th were digitized and remastered by Lars
   crashed DAT Tapes digitized by Thomas Körffer
   27.11.2020 Video release: DDM Live Video 25.04.1994 Germany Bonn Pantheon, digitized by Thomas Körffer
2021  01.2021 Digital release: DDM - Best of (Remastered in 24bit HiRes by Carlos Perón)
   24.12.2021 Digital release 12.2021: DDM - News, Rarities & Early Work
2023  02.2023 New YouTube Channel @dangerdemort: DDM - Videos
   09.03.2023 Video release: DDM Circle of life, recorded in Rod Berry studio
   15.09.2023 Digital release 09.2023: The Base of Subsoil (interpreted by Danger De Mort)
   24.10.2023 Studio audio tracks of DDM CD Tears of passion ('97) from Digital Performer Files (V1.7) restored!
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