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24.10.2023: Studio audio tracks from DDM CD Tears of passion ('97) from Digital Performer files fresh restored!

Digital release 15.09.2023: The Base of Subsoil (interpreted by Danger De Mort)

Digital release 12.2021: DDM - News, Rarities & Early Work

New track, watch at youtube the new studio video 'circle of life'!

Digital release 01.2021: DDM - Best of (Remastered in 24bit HiRes by Carlos Perón)

Full length album 'Perlas encontradas' with unreleased tracks is out now, download it now!

All tracks can be bought in mp3 320kb quality, just pay € 1.- per track to paypal (lars.johna@gmx.de) with the name of the track(s) and you`ll receive a link for a download

Discovery of some old dat-tapes from the period 1994-2001 with unreleased songs and demo material! Some tracks are released in 12.2021

Restoring process is finished

Some demosongs are released, buy them here

In the webshops like e.g. Amazon or iTunes now you can also get our stuff!

Remix of "Forbidden fruit" and "Promised land" from in strict confidence

Remix of "Jackie" from Sinéad O'Connor

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